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Hard Copy Digital Paper

Digital Paper 100 gsm

Premium quality paper suitable for charts, report presentations, or any documents that require professional looking, full color, high-resolution printouts.

Hard Copy Digital Paper 100gsm. is a premium quality paper for documents that require full color, high-resolution texts and graphics.


The high-grammage, extra high smoothness, bright whiteness and the right balance thickness make it best for all professional visual presentations.

Key Benefits:


The Best Image Definition

For all your high resolution, full color documents.


Ideal for Color Printing

Improves results with excellent print contrast, vivid colors and sharp images.


Increased Stiffness and Thickness

For double-sided printing without show-through, even in full color applications.


Special Surface Treatment

Provides excellent printing quality on inkjet due to smarter ink absorption.


Silky Touch

Ultra smooth surface. Improves lifespan of office equipment while reducing toner consumption.

Spectrum HD Print Technology

Spectrum HD Print Technology

Hard Copy Digital Paper is enhanced with Spectrum HD Print Technology, a special treatment that improves paper surface for smarter ink absorption. What you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures vivid colors, crisp lines, high contrast definition, professional quality printout with lower ink/toner consumption.

Size and Packing

Our range of paper products is available in a selection of cut-sizes and grammages compatible with any printing applications and equipment. Whether on copier, inkjet, laser, in colour or in black & white, you can rely on Hard Copy to provide the best print quality – smudge-free vibrant colors and crisp lines.

A4  (8 1/4" x 11 3/4")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 4 Reams / Box


Letter  (8 1/2" x 11")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 4 Reams / Box

Legal  (8 1/2" x 13")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 4 Reams / Box

Hard Copy Digital Paper

Each ream of 500 sheets is individually wrapped to keep unused paper in perfect condition longer.

Printing Guide

For documents that require full color, high-resolution texts and graphics.

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