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Hard Copy Copier Paper

Copier Paper 70 gsm

For daily use on black and white office printing and copying. It is well suited for businesses that print and photocopy black and white documents in large quantities.

Hard Copy Copier Paper 70 gsm. is a low-grammage paper designed primarily for high-volume printing and copying. While it is lighter and thinner than our other paper products, there’s no compromise on quality.

Hard Copy Copier Paper provides consistent, high-quality rendering, even at high volume usage.


Key Benefits:

Bright White
Excellent print contrast for sharper text and graphics

Increased Productivity
99.99% paper jam free. A reduction in jams means an increase in production speed and fewer processing errors.

Higher Stiffness
Ensures good runnability and lower post-printing curl effect, especially in high volume printing and copying.

Smoother Surface
Smoother surface means lower toner/ink consumption and reduced abrasiveness, resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime of office equipment.

Spectrum HD Print Technology

Spectrum HD Print Technology

Hard Copy Copier Paper is enhanced with Spectrum HD Print Technology, a special treatment that improves paper surface for smarter ink absorption. What you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures vivid colors, crisp lines, high contrast definition, professional quality printout with lower ink/toner consumption.

Size and Packing

Our range of paper products is available in a selection of cut-sizes and grammages compatible with any printing applications and equipment.


Whether on copier, inkjet, laser, in colour or in black & white, you can rely on Hard Copy to provide the best print quality – smudge-free vibrant colors and crisp lines.

A4  (8 1/4" x 11 3/4")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 5 Reams / Box


Letter  (8 1/2" x 11")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 5 Reams / Box

Legal  (8 1/2" x 13")

500 Sheets / Ream ; 5 Reams / Box

Each ream of 500 sheets is individually wrapped to keep unused paper in perfect condition longer.

Printing Guide

Ideal for black and white printing

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